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Future Events
"Solo Exhibition"

Los Cabos, MX

November 02
Now Exhibiting

Mexico (National)

 Esperanza, an Auberge Resort - Gallery          
Cabo San Lucas B.C.S.                                       Permanent Exhibition (Agave Art Studio)
 Pez Gordo - Gallery                                                     
 The Shoppes at Palmilla
 San Jose del Cabo B.C.S.                              Permanent Exhibition


 19 Karen - Art Space & Gallery                              
 Gold Coast, Queensland Australia
 Permanent Exhibition
 Singulart - Digital Platform & Gallery                 
 Paris, France
 Permanent Exhibition

We live in an abstract society, full of superficial mirages where sometimes we have to close our eyes to see better.  There are many theories about human behavior and how the world works and I ask my self; what for?... how complicated it is to understand that there is nothing to understand here, how difficult it is to base our decisions on our own criteria, without being influenced or perhaps manipulated by the populist masses.


-Not all is lost- I thought when I found my self nude and almost primitive in the middle of frost and ashes. Throughout my career as a realistic painter and sculptor, I always noticed something missing in my work, despite the very high results in terms of technique and execution... there was always present an unexplainable emptiness poking my back like wanting to say something.  It was May 2017 in Paris when I found the questions for the answers that I already had floating in my head for I don't know how long.  It was at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris when I came across Karel Appel and his CoBrA movement, after that day everything changed for good.


Today I am a creator who works eyes closed, introspectively, fearless, shameless, simply trying to meet again with the child that I never was. 


-Life such as art is not a science-

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